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Email Your State Legislator & Ask Them To Stop Patient Steering In Our State

Arizona legislators need to understand the damage that the largest insurers and PBMs cause when they manipulate patient data for corporate profit. It hurts our patients, businesses, and local economies, and it must be stopped. As Arizona citizens, our rights, our health, and our communities are too important!

Ask your legislator to Prohibit Patient Steering in Arizona!

Patient Data & Safety Must Be Protected


  • Click the button to be redirected

  • Enter your address and click the "Search by Address" button to find your legislators

OpenStates gives users the option to click on email each legislator directly from their own email client. Simply click on the name of the legislator, then click on the email link under their photo.


You can then copy and paste the email message from our template into your email to send. 


  • Click the button to be redirected to the Arizona State Legislature Member Roster,

  • In the roster, click on the email link by your Senator or Representative's name

AZ Leg Member Roster snapshot.jpg

The email link for each legislator will take you directly to their email contact submission page. Please be sure to enter all requested information.


Email message templates for your use are available by clicking the button below. Simply highlight the text, then copy and paste it into the "Comments/Concerns/Suggestions" area. You may also do the same for the Email Subject Line.

Do not forget to personalize the message so your legislator knows that you are one of their constituents and why banning patient steering is important to you.

Urge Your Arizona Legislator to Put a Stop to Patient Steering
Ban Patient Steering Letter

Copy and paste the below email message to send to your legislators, or download the editable Word document.

Please Don't Forget To Personalize Your Message!

Pharmacy/Pharmacist message template

Dear Senator _____ ,


My name is _____. Introduce yourself, your pharmacy, your years in business, number of staff you employ and/or anything you’d like to say about the number of patients you serve or if your pharmacy serves a specific patient population. 


I’m writing to ask you to put a stop to deceptive PBM patient steering practices in Arizona. Patient steering is real and it happens all the time at my pharmacy. Use this space to provide examples, such as the number of patients you’ve seen steered to PBM pharmacies or mail order, what that was like for the patient (if you know) and what that’s like for you as the business owner to lose customers and not be able to keep the patient because of PBM contracts that forbid you from making a similar or better offer to the patient, to compete as would normally happen in business.


(Name of PBM) requires my pharmacy to go through a credentialing process that includes ___ (fees, paperwork, extensive contracts, etc). I go through the process in good faith, with the understanding that if I meet their requirements, I will be in their network and able to serve the patients in my community who are their plan enrollees. This is why it’s so frustrating to see them then go behind my backs to try to lure my customers with pricing deals we’re not allowed to match or letters that outright lie and tell them their medication costs will go up if they don’t switch to the PBM’s pharmacy. These are anti-competitive practices. It is bad enough I must contract with my competitors in order to be able to serve my community but now they use my patient’s confidential health and claim data to poach patients from my business. This is not only a conflict of interest but it is wrong!


My staff and I work hard to earn our customers’ business but we can’t compete against competitors who are using unfair and deceptive practices, secretly trying to undermine us in order to make more money for themselves. This shouldn’t be allowed. Not in Arizona, not anywhere.


As your constituent, I ask you to please stop this anti-competitive behavior. Please ban patient steering in our state.


Thank you,


Your Name

Click the icon above to access & download the editable Word document of this email message.

Patient message template

Dear Senator _____ ,


My name is _____. Introduce yourself and/or anything you’d like to say about how long you’ve been a patient of the pharmacy and why you go there.


Use this space to tell your story: who your insurance provider is, if you received a letter or a phone call about needing to switch your pharmacy and what that was like for you (surprised, confused, upset, etc). How did you avoid having to leave your pharmacy? Were you offered a special deal to switch to other pharmacy?


It means everything to me to be able to keep my current pharmacy without having to worry that my medications will cost more. I should be able to have a choice and a voice in my healthcare providers and decisions instead of being mandated by a PBM to go to one of their own pharmacies where they aren’t invested in me, my family, or my health. Please help me and other Arizona patients who simply want to be able to choose where we get our prescriptions. Please put a stop to patient steering in our state.


Thank you,


Patient (Your) Name

Click the icon above to access & download the editable Word document of this email message.

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