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February 6, 2024

Dickinson: Rebuttal to Klapp's Take on PBMs

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Responding to former Scottsdale Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp’s recent editorial criticizing proposed legislation to “de-link” PBM profits from the rebates they negotiate with drug manufacturers. Like most employers, Ms. Klapp has been misled to believe that PBMs can negotiate prescription drug discounts as a percentage of the drug’s artificially inflated list price, keep some (or even all) of the rebates negotiated, and somehow those retained rebates will equal lower costs for consumers at the pharmacy counter...

January 16, 2024

Arizona congressman targets pharmacy benefit managers in proposed bill

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Passing through the doorway of Melrose Pharmacy in uptown Phoenix feels like entering the 1950s. Its throwback decor harkens to another era.

But the pharmacy’s owner said she faces a distinctly modern challenge: pharmacy benefit managers.

“I have been frustrated with PBM’s since the day I opened,” said pharmacist Teresa Dickinson. “Every year I say it can’t get worse. And every year it gets worse.”...

July 21, 2022

New Poll: Nearly 9 in 10 Voters Feel Pharmacy Benefit Managers Should be Required to Pass Discounts and Other Savings on to Consumers

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Drugs costs are a major concern for most Americans. The current healthcare system allows Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to act as middlemen and reap large profits off the backs of consumers. Reform is long overdue. As Congress considering major drug pricing, a new poll conducted by the Arizona Independent Pharmacy Coalition (AIPC) demonstrates the frustration that consumers are feeling with PBMs under the current system...

January 31, 2024

Governor Hobbs holds a press conference at Melrose Pharmacy

Gov Hobbs Jan 2024 Press Conference Melrose Pharmacy.jpg

PBM reform bill put forth by Governor Hobbs

Expanding Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs

Please click here to for a PDF of the bill language & to track this bill's progress in the Arizona Legislature

August 25, 2023

Boesen & Snow Convinces Arizona State Board Of Pharmacy To Rescind June 2023 Vote To Enforce November 1, 2023, Compendial Publication Of USP General Chapters ‹795›, ‹797›, And ‹800› And Assign A Task Force To Evaluate

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“If 90 percent of the compounding pharmacies decide not to compound anymore, close their doors, Arizona citizens will suffer,” said Boesen & Snow Partner and Co-founder Mark Boesen, Pharm.D., J.D., while speaking before the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy on August 16, 2023, about the ramifications of the Board adopting future United States Pharmacopeia General Chapters ‹795›, ‹797›, and ‹800›. Representing the Arizona Pharmacy Association and the Arizona Independent Pharmacy Coalition, he explained these compounded medications are drugs of last resort for patients who use them...

June 1, 2021

Arizona Independent Pharmacies Applaud Senator Nancy Barto and the Arizona State Legislature for Ending Unnecessary Pharmacy Fees

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The Arizona Independent Pharmacy Coalition (AIPC) applauds Senator Nancy Barto, the Arizona state legislature, and Governor Doug Ducey for the passage of SB1356, which will now prevent pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) from charging pharmacies a “transaction fee” each and every time the pharmacy submits a claim for reimbursement or otherwise interfaces with the PBM.  Fees can range from 25 cents to as much as $2 per claim, which adds up to thousands of dollars a month that pharmacies must pay PBMs in order to be reimbursed by patient insurance...

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