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Penny For Your Thoughts: Prescription Drug Pricing

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A Penny For Your Thoughts

What would you do with YOUR savings?

Every Arizonan - and every American! - that takes prescription medication is paying too much -- and the costs keep rising. Our families, friends, and communities are being driven to make daily choices between basic necessities like food and shelter, or life-saving medication. It's Time For A Change.

The 'Penny for Your Thoughts' campaign is an effort to bring home the point that drug pricing reform needs to be a priority for our Congressional legislators -- not an afterthought.

Many of our Congressional Senators and Representatives ran on promises that prescription drug prices would be a high priority. Now they're dragging their feet at doing anything to fix them. This is our opportunity to tell them how much the savings from real drug pricing reform would mean in every one of our lives.

All responses received will be compiled and sent to the appropriate Senator and Representative. 

If Drug Costs Were Actually Lowered To Reasonable Levels For All Patients, What Could You Do With YOUR Money?

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Tell Your Elected Officials What You Could Do With Your Savings

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Prescription Drug Savings: What Could You Do With Your Money?

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