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Arizona Pharmacists, Patients, & Providers:

Make Your Voice Heard

2022- 2023 Arizona Legislative Session

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Sponsor: Senator Nancy Barto

Prescription Drug Coverage Steering Prohibition

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Pencil and notepad
Download the Word doc version or copy and paste the text from the letter below:

Dear Senator/Representative _________,

I am an Arizona pharmacist/patient/provider and as one of your constituents, I am writing to urge you to support SB 1161 the Prescription Drug Coverage Steering Prohibition Act.

Insurance corporations and their affiliated pharmacy benefit managers have bullied Arizonans for too long. As a pharmacist/patient/provider I personally have experienced the deeply negative aspects of patient steering firsthand ...... (personal story here)

As a taxpayer, I am sick and tired of my community's hard-earned tax dollars being funneled out of state because some giant corporation values its shareholders far more than the health and well-being of our state's citizens. It's frustrating. It's wrong. It must be stopped.

Please place your full support behind SB 1161. Arizona's patients and healthcare providers deserve nothing less.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



​(name), (title)


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